About Lousãtextil

As the Lousãtextil slogan indicates “Quality, Punctuality, Innovation, and Price”, these are the fundamental pillars in the company’s philosophy. Lousãtextil has been the only embroidery company in the Lousã municipality since 1988 and has the ambition to become increasingly competitive in the domestic and international markets.


Lousãtextil was a pioneer in embroidery on socks and tights in Portugal in 1988 and quickly expanded its product offerings to include embroidery with thick wool threads imitating manual embroidery, application of ribbon, cord, chain stitch, spiral stitch, among other special stitches that are still in demand today. To complement the embroidery, it introduced more than 50 different varieties of accessories such as sequins, studs, rhinestones, pearls, half pearls, engraving, and laser cutting…
The management is committed to updating its processes, equipment, human resources, training, facilities, vehicles, etc. Foreign technicians responsible for maintaining German and Japanese machines consider Lousãtextil as the “General of embroidery in Portugal”.

To showcase its products and ensure close customer support, it went on tours across Europe and opened permanent embroidery showrooms in Faro, Minde, Covilhã, and Lousã, currently maintaining those in Minde and Lousã.

Currently, Lousãtextil also produces customized high-end professional uniforms, following fashion trends even in the workplace.

The company’s ambition is to become increasingly professional and competitive in the domestic and international markets. With this goal in mind, it began the ISO 9001 Quality Certification process in late 2015.

At Lousãtextil, there is an awareness of the difficulties facing the textile market; however, production continues to evolve positively due to its capacity for creation, innovation, production technique improvement, and keeping up with fashion trends, always with the aim of satisfying its customers.


It works for the largest motorcycle clubs in Europe, garment manufacturing companies, stylists, interior and exterior knitwear industry, bags, belts, footwear, gas stations, hypermarket chains, public institutions, private social solidarity institutions, automotive sector, hospitality and catering, scouts, firefighters, funeral homes, academic sector…


To ensure quality and punctuality, it works with the best national and international raw material and supplier.